This year’s fashion month gave some serious handbag vibes. From Chloe to Gucci and Alexander Wang, every major fashion house showed off their latest handbag fashion trends that are guaranteed to be the next big thing for fashion. These are the five new bag trends we noticed that you’ll see more of next year.

Two in one bag

The double bagging trend is back! It was all over the runways, with many fashion brands showing off their duffel bags paired with a smaller bag to match. The smaller bags were attached to the handles for a not-so-subtle look, and we absolutely love it. The best double bags, in our opinion? The ones by Givenchy, Miu Miu, and Fendi. I mean, more bags means more compartments, and we definitely appreciate that!

Clear bags

Brandon Maxwell designed the most popular clear handbag of this year’s fashion shows. Everyone is talking about the gorgeous and unique clear and cubed luxury handbag. The detailing gave it a golden bourgeois feel to it, and many other designers chose the solid clear yet glamorous material.

Cubic handbags

The cube shape was the most unique and prevalent bag shape this season! Some other oddly shaped bags made their debut on the runway, such as triangles by Bogetta Veneta and a beautiful octahedron shape by Paco Rabanne. These rather interesting geometric shapes are guaranteed to be the next big fashion trend next year.

Animal prints

Animal prints were everywhere this fall season. Leopard and tiger wardrobe pieces are a must-have! You can’t get any classier than Khaite, who presented an elegant little crossbody bag with a flat rectangular tiger covered bag. But for a more traditional handbag shape, Michael Kors left us in total awe with their medium-sized tiger shaped purse.

Mini bag

The mini bags made a massive comeback in the 2019/2020 fashion shows. Ever since designers started using miniature bags, they couldn’t stop. Many of these bags were either used placed around the belt or used as an accessory to match bigger bags; they are the perfect size to carry your tiniest belongings and coins. But their most prominent use is looking fabulous! Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana, and Zimmermann showed some super unique and beautiful miniature handbags on their runways.