Jacqui Stafford
Courtesy of Jacqui Stafford

As a fashion stylist, I’ve seen it all. But just because something is a trend doesn’t mean it’s necessarily flattering or works on all body shapes. Here are the five things I’d never be caught wearing and why—as well stylish alternatives I love.


5 Trends This Stylist Won't Wear—Even Though They're Trendy


I know, I know… Birks are back. Big time. They’re the footwear of choice for every hipster fashionista. But not on my feet. Why? Because I have a classic bottom-heavy Triangle shape, so I steer clear of anything that only serves to make my legs look heavier. And that’s exactly what these clunky slides do: draw attention to your bottom half.


Loeffler Randall Sarie Strappy Sandal
Style swap: Instead, go for a stylish slide with flattering slim straps in a neutral shade that will work with everything in your wardrobe.

Loeffler Randall Sarie Strappy Sandal, $175

Baggy, Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
Again, another white-hot style right now. But as a stylist, I prefer to stick to figure-flattering wardrobe essentials that I can guarantee make every woman look fabulous. Ripped, baggy boyfriend jeans do nothing to enhance your figure or womanly curves.


Michael by Michael Kors Linen Track Pant

Style swap: You can get a similar look with one of my favorite items right now—the slightly slouchy track pant.

Michael by Michael Kors Linen Track Pant, $100 

A Mini Bandage Skirt
I try to stay away from anything that has the word “bandage” in it. Squeezing-tight bandage style clothing can create sausage-like creases—exactly what my legs do not need. And unless you’re in Vegas, this skin-tight mini skirt has no business belonging in my stylist wardrobe.


J.Crew Telegraph Pencil Skirt

Style swap: Stick to a classic, polished and professional pencil skirt instead. Look for one that drapes and hits just above the knee.

J.Crew Telegraph Pencil Skirt, $138

An Ear Cuff
Save this trying-too-hard-to-be-trendy style for Halloween.


Swarovski Alabaster Long Pierced Earrings

Style swap: Go for dazzling statement earrings instead, like some of my stylist favorite pieces by Swarovski.

Swarovski Alabaster Long Pierced Earrings, $150

A Kimono Worn on the Street
I’m all about a glam kaftan or kimono, but only if you’re lounging on the beach in St. Tropez. As a stylist in the city, walking around in a kimono just looks completely out of place.


Barneys New York Python Print Scarf

Style swap: Instead, I drape a silky printed scarf around my neck to add vibrancy and interest to any outfit.

Barneys New York Python Print Scarf, $120