We take for granted how much less annoying it is to carry things around if we carry around those things in an aesthetically pleasing bag. Really. Your luggage becomes slightly more tolerable if you at least enjoy how it looks while you lug it around.

For the same reason, we should take a little time to find the perfect bag for stuffing our belongings into when taking weekend trips or work trips. Sure, you could just find any large bag and call it a day, but packing is already a hassle, so why not treat yourself to something pretty to pack with? Here are the best weekender bags for work and weekend trips.

The Catalina Deluxe from Lo & Sons 

This bag sounds luxurious. It looks luxurious too. It has all the space you’ll need for a weekend’s worth of packing while still rewarding your packing efforts with a lovely royal blue color option that will calm the stress of even the busiest work trips.

The Essential Weekender Bag by Madewell 

Leave it to Madewell to deliver a bag that offers both plenty of space and the chic but casual appearance that makes us want to plan a weekend trip just to use this bag.

The Twill Weekender by Everyone 

This bag is in high demand, and it’s no wonder, the beautiful forest green color option and satisfying shape could make even the most hectic trips chic.

The Lacie Weekender by Sole Society 

Leather lovers, we have not forsaken you. This weekender bag has all the classic appeal of a leather exterior without the ethical conundrum—it’s all vegan.

Karpet Diem Weekender by Free People 

Oh Free People, how you toy with our hearts and wallets. No, this bag is not the cheapest on the list (the opposite, actually). Still, with this unique, bohemian tapestry design and contrasting leather straps, we can’t resist living out our 90’s-sci-fi-movie-archeologist-genius dreams. I mean, look at this bag, you just know there’s a smuggled cursed Egyptian jewel inside. And that’s chic.

Dennie Duffle Bag by Ted Baker London 

This bag may or may not be marketed towards men. I’m unable to decipher the targeted gender this bag is marketed towards, and I think that’s part of its appeal. This bag is somewhat masculine in its stark coloring and strict shape. It has a very menswear appeal that would make the perfect work trip bag if you’re trying to give off those badass businesswoman vibes. Who cares what gender this bag is for, you’re CEO and you get what you want.

Whichever bag you chose to accompany you on your weekend trips, these aesthetically pleasing packing receptacles are guaranteed to make you feel a little less disheveled as you run to catch your Uber.