If you haven’t already heard the news, Justin Bieber released his first album in five years, titled Changes, on Valentine’s day. The release date is quite fitting, considering most of the songs are about his wife, Hailey Bieber.

Justin has made it very clear just how much he loves his wife, and the couple isn’t one to shy away from PDA on social media. Changes is a direct reflection of 25-year-old Justin Bieber, deeply in love with his wife and his new life with her. Justin Bieber has been through his difficulties in his personal and professional life, but it looks like Hailey has set him straight.

Besides his new album, Bieber also released episodes of his documentary series, Seasons. The series sheds some light into Bieber’s life- the good, the bad, and everything in between. The series premiered on YouTube and views skyrocketed- but is anyone surprised? A look into Justin Bieber’s life is bound to be interesting.

Seasons gives us an honest look into Bieber’s life as he talks about some of his dark moments in ways we have never seen before. He discusses his experimentation with drugs, which started at a young age, and how it impacted both his professional and personal life. Besides his candidness with addiction, he also reveals his struggles with anxiety and all the tumultuous parts of his life. Thankfully, though, Justin Bieber is in a much happier place with his wife by his side, and his new album is a direct reflection of that. Upbeat and lingering with notes of romance, Changes is a love song in itself.

In addition to his album and documentary series, Justin Bieber announced he is going on tour this year. It looks like 2020 will be a year of JBiebs.