It’s a new year, and you’ve probably got a resolution or two. When it comes to sticking to new goals, especially health and fitness ones, it can be hard to get into a new swing of things. Making a solid plan every week, and keeping track of your habits is a great way to stay on top of your goals.

This year, track your fitness goals with one of these health and fitness trackers:

Daily Fitness Planner by Salt Wrap – $26.95

This fitness planner is very technical and extremely helpful when it comes to tracking your fitness goals. It has a weekly workout planner, a spot for setting and tracking fitness goals, and daily logs for your meals and workouts.

JournalMENU –$14.99

These health and fitness planners are great because they have structure but are totally customizable. They have fitness trackers for any workout you’re doing – from weightlifting to climbing – and from there, you can add quotes, customize the covers, or add your name.

Happy Planner – starting at $21.99

The Happy Planner is great because it is very customizable. You can grab a fitness-themed planner from their website and fill out the pages how you wish. This health and fitness tracker might be harder for some because of its lack of structure. For others, it leaves tons of room to get creative with their fitness tracking habits!

Dailygreatness Wellness Yearly – $49.95

This health and fitness journal is a little bit on the pricey side, but it really does all of the work for you (except the workout, of course!). Each page has prompts and guides for tracking wellness as well as weekly and quarterly check-ins to make sure you’re staying on track. Another great feature of this fitness planner is their meal planning section. This guides you toward optimal healthy meals and helps you create shopping lists, too.

My Fit Life Habit Planner – $15.00

This health and fitness planner is an excellent option if you need the structure and inspiration of the Dailygreatness journal, but you aren’t looking for too many bells and whistles (plus, the price is excellent). This journal still helps you track your meals with a food journal and has weekly check-ins to keep you on your fitness journey.