As a woman of any age, one of the best parts about coming home is getting your hair up in a bun and taking off your bra after a long stressful day. That got us wondering, what are the advantages of not wearing a bra?

We have been told for generations that wearing a bra prevents our breasts from getting saggy. You’ll be surprised to know we found there is no scientific or medical evidence to support that. So we did some digging to find out precisely what will happen if we go braless. Here are seven reasons to ditch that uncomfortable garment.

Helps prevent irritation and complications
Most of us, sadly can’t get the size right to our bras, especially in third world countries. Most women end up with tighter bras that end up causing skin irritations and cysts. Wearing them for an extended period (AKA a lifetime) can cause cysts and serious irritations.

You save money
This might be one of the most compelling reasons not to wear a bra. You technically don’t have to, but we end up with ten times more bras than we need. They come in all shapes and sizes, from push-up to sports bras. It can be unnecessary and costly, especially if you’re looking for a good and comfortable brand.

Prevent breasts from drooping
We often think bras prevent sagging. It turns out they might cause droop by making the breast’s suspensory ligaments weak due to their reliance on the bra for artificial support. Meaning, this whole time, we’ve been living a lie! We’ve been wearing bras for support for so many years and enduring that pain for THAT exact reason.

Better body image
We believe that wearing a bra can give you so much confidence. You might feel sexier and secured when you have something to hold them in place. It can also highly boost your self-confidence while looking cute and sexy with certain outfits. However, it is essential to know that wearing a bra should be a personal choice and not feel like an obligation. And on top of that, bra companies prey on women’s insecurities, making them feel inferior if they have naturally-shaped breasts. This is why we feel going bra-free helps you avoid this low self-esteem trap.

You breathe easier
Without a tight band around the chest, it’s easier to breathe!

You move easier
Without a bra, there’s much greater comfort in moving, sleeping, and living your everyday life. Many women feel incredibly uncomfortable doing their daily jobs and housework because they feel obligated to wear it. If you will feel more comfortable and at ease doing what you do without a bra on, then you should go for it. Plus, there is no actual law forbidding you from going bra-less at work.

Avoid toxins
Headaches, backaches, skin rashes, and toxin exposure are all symptoms from the chemicals in the bra soaking into your skin. Many studies show that the women who didn’t wear a bra felt a lot better, with fewer headaches and even less back pain.

Whether you choose to wear a bra or not depends entirely on how you feel. If you feel more comfortable wearing a bra as it makes you feel more secure, go for it. They are charming and comfortable if you have the right fit. Or, you might opt for less restrictive bras, like triangle bras or a light-support sports bra for extra comfort.