You think the scrunchies and stretchy hair combs in your bathroom organizer are useful tools to let you wash your face and apply makeup in tidy fashion. Hairstylists for the Fall 2018 fashion shows see them as subversive, funny and very chic accessories for the season. The freshest takes on these old standbys are perfect complements to the ‘90s revival that’s going strong. Claw clips and snappy clips are making a big-time comeback, and they are the coolest accessory you must have for Fall. Shop for the Tom Ford $400 leather headband or the $1 Amazon barrette, and get ready to add some pizazz to your hairstyle.

The Black Band

Society matrons and sorority sisters wore these as a badge of belonging back when Bill Clinton first ran for president. See old photos of Hillary when she sported headband and blonde flip and talked about Tammy Wynette. On the fall 2018 runway, Tom Ford took the headband badass. Pair your sleek black leather headband with oversized hoops and statement sunglasses for the latest look.

The Snap Clip

Take a tip from models such as Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk when placing the latest version of the old standby barrette. Wear two matching clips, one on each side of your head at the temple, and you’ll be a leader in the major comeback of this ‘90s hair staple.
Look for these on Amazon for $1 or at your local drugstore.

The Chic Scrunchie

Another stalwart in the ‘90s revival is the scrunchie. The decade calls for a plaid scrunchie teamed with hoop earrings, plenty of jewelry, and an outfit in a matching color scheme. Bring the scrunchie forward by choosing a scrunchie in a fuzzy texture, fun print, stark white or with glittery embellishments.

The Claw Clip

Ask an 18-year-old if she knows what a banana clip is and be prepared for an instant shock of feeling really truly old. She won’t have a clue unless she’s been rummaging in the back of her mom’s closet. Alexander Wang’s hairstylist used them on the runway for his Fall 2018 show, and you can find them at the drugstore. Look on Shopbop for metallic clips in cool geometric metal.

Stretchy Hair Comb

Prabal Gurung’s hairstylist took the stretchy hair comb off the London girls headed to yoga class and incorporated it into the designer’s Fall 2018 show. The runway ‘yoga bun’ showcased the designer’s clothes by scooping hair up and off models’ shoulders and necks. The trick is so useful, and the stylist thinks that’s really cool. You can find runway-ready combs at any local drugstore or online.

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