By now you may have come across enough beauty bloggers raving about silk pillowcases to wonder if you should finally make the switch. If you’re doing some research on whether silk pillowcases are worth it before buying a set, we’ve got all the information you need to decide.

So what do silk pillowcases supposedly do for you? Full disclosure; as pillow-carrying members of the silk pillowcase fan club, we definitely believe they are worth it. Here is a full breakdown of the pros and cons so you can decide if silk pillowcases are worth it for you.

The Cons:

  1. The adjustment period is real. If you’ve ever slept on silk pillowcases, you might have found that you still prefer cotton. Silk pillowcases have a very distinct feel that takes a little adjusting to.
  2. The wrinkle-reduction isnt real. One of the selling points for silk pillowcases is the way they supposedly reduce wrinkles. While they are beneficial for your skin in some ways, reducing wrinkles isn’t one of them — no pillowcase can help you there, though silk might still be incrementally better than cotton for this.

The Pros:

  1. Less hair frizz and tangling. If you’re a person with very curly hair, seeking out silk pillowcases specifically to help you wake up with less of a shocking new hairstyle in the morning is one of the big pros. Cotton pillowcases are basically public enemy #1 when it comes to contributing to hair frizz; cotton absorbs moisture out of your hair, while silk absorbs very little moisture in comparison. This is what makes silk more effective at keeping your hair intact throughout the night. When your hair isn’t being dried out, it’s also less likely to tangle while you sleep. Overall, silk pillowcases are great for keeping moisture in your hair and reducing breakage — anything that won’t damage your hair is worth it.
  2. More moisture for happier skin. While wrinkles can’t be avoided with silk pillowcases, irritated and dry skin can be. Just as with your hair, silk pillowcases don’t absorb much of the moisture from your skin. Keeping the moisture in your skin and off your pillowcase means you’ll be less prone to redness and dry skin. For those with sensitive skin, silk pillowcases are definitely worth it.

Silk pillowcases get a lot of love primarily for how smooth and untangled they leave hair from bedtime till morning. Less hair damage alone is already a major reason why silk pillowcases are definitely worth it.