The summer is the time to explore with fashion and go beyond your comfort zone. A summer staple that never goes out of style is shorts. Shorts are an iconic summer fashion piece that everyone has, but what does always change is the style of shorts. Long gone are the days of low-rise cut offs, summer 2019 is here and the shorts are not here to play. Here is a guide to some of the trendiest styles of shorts for this summer.

Biker Shorts
Kim Kardashian might be credited with starting this trend, but biker shorts have been one of the hottest trends- and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. Go beyond the traditional black biker short and try out a colorful pair. Biker shorts look super cute with an oversized graphic tee and a chunky sneaker, but they always look amazing with a crop top and a big denim jacket. Play around with the styles, that’s what biker shorts are for!

Bermuda Shorts
Bet you never thought you’d see the day when bermuda shorts were back in style. Bermuda shorts are back, and they’re coming in hot. Bermuda shorts look super cute when they’re denim, and can be dressed down with a casual tee or dressed up with a blazer and a slinky heel. Or, you can explore a little bit more and try out a cloth pair of bermuda shorts.

Gym Shorts
Yes, we said gym shorts. That means that old pair of baggy gym shorts you have from when you played basketball six years ago are actually in style. Except, gym shorts can actually look super cute. Gym shorts can be really flattering if they’re worn right, like with cute crop top and shoulder bag. Not to mention- the baggy style is unbelievably comfortable.

Pleated Shorts
Pleated shorts are the kind of shorts that never really go out of style, but never really are in style… until now! Pleated shorts are in and you can find them just about everywhere. The fun part about pleated shorts is that you can style them up with a blouse and a pair of nice heels and they’re perfect for work. Or, wear them out for a day with the girls with a crop top and a pair of cute sneakers and you’ll be the trendiest one of the group. The options are endless!