With Fourth of July behind us, we’ve officially got summer on the brain and kicked off pool season. If you use Instagram at all, this means your next line of duty task is ensuring your pool selfies include the latest pool float. Your OG swan float served you well over the years, but it’s about time it retired and made space for irresistible corgis, yummy edibles and the occasional private jet.

Today’s inflatables foray into the food market, with shapes like bacon and eggs flanking the millennial breakfast staple: avocado. And did we mention the ever-growing sizes? You might’ve had a swan all to yourself in 2015, but the new floats are all about sharing the ride with your friends.

Get the party started!

Sunnylife Rainbow Slide Pool Float • $49.99
Funboy Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger Pool Float • $79
Bigmouth Inc. BigMouth Inc. Avocado Pool Float • $19.99
Poolcandy Pool Candy Gold Collection Golden Goose Raft 60″ • $34.99
Big Mouth Corgi Pool Float • $24.95
Swim Central 74″ Novelty Ice Cream Cone Inflatable Swimming Pool Floating Lounge Raft – Yellow/White • $27.49
Working Girls Boob Pool Float • $29.99
Big Mouth Inc. Big Mouth Rose Bottle Pool Float • $16.99
Funboy Yacht Pool Float • $128
Funboy Rainbow Cloud Longer Pool Float • $49
Funboy Private Jet Pool Float • $99
Funboy Rainbow Cloud Daybed Pool Float • $190
Glitter Tiger Pool Float • $29