You’ve heard it a million times before….colors mean things. Whether it’s the color you decide to paint a room, or the color of the shirt you’re wearing – colors have always been considered to have a meaning behind them.

With the fall season rolling in, let’s have a look at some of the colors you’re mostly likely going to gravitate to and see what they really mean.

Red: Hands down, red it a power color. Wear it whenever you want to exude strength and confidence. The great thing about red is that just about anyone can pull it off regardless of skin tone. Don’t just think shirts and tops with this color either. Take it a step further by wearing it in your jewelry, or other accessories.

Marigold: This sweet color is a perfect pick-me-upper. According to Psych Digest, this color raises blood pressure and pulse. It helps to create a feeling of joy. Mainly due to its ability to raise optimism, warmth, and hope.

Emerald Green: If you want to exude affluence, wear emerald green. Green already correlates with nature. But when you add this rich tone, it creates the look of wealth.

Millennial Pink: This is another beautiful color that’s also inviting. This tone of pink does more than just say, “girly”, it gives off a sense of love and nurture.

Powder Blue: Just looking at this color helps create a sense of calmness. Powder blue is associated with the color of the sky and water. It also makes you appear more trustworthy.

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