Looking for some moves to tone and flatten your belly in double-quick time? Tracy Anderson has five exercises that are a cinch to trim your waist and banish muffin top. There’s no need to hunt for a gym to burn fat with these moves. You can do these at home or in your hotel room. You’ll learn them fast, and you’ll definitely feel the burn. Work your core, glutes and inner thighs with these fat blasters.

Arabesque Sous Sous

Start with a simple plank that’s been given an upgrade into a plant/attitude combination. Place one forearm and same-side knee on the ground. Place your opposite hand on the ground, and lift your other leg in the air. Tap that leg on the floor behind you. Do a core-tightening plank variation by bringing your resting leg up to cross over your first leg. Finish by returning to your starting position. Do 30 reps of this exercise on each side.

Plank Sous Sous

Your second move will be another plank sous sous but this time with a step-through move. After crossing your legs, release them and step one leg across your body into a raised side plank position. Anderson recommends 30 reps on each side.

Hydrant Side Kick and Toe Tap Combination

Prop up on one knee and arm. Complete one rep by kicking your opposite leg in the air and then touching it back behind you. Do 30 reps per leg.

Open Diagonal Plank Extend to the Side.

Starting on one knee, extend your other leg around and behind before placing it on the floor. Next extend your resting leg back. Rest on your knee again, and then kick the first leg out to other opposite side. Anderson calls for 30 reps per side.

Flexed Coupe Swing to Plank Arabesque.

Start in a downward dog position. While resting on one elbow, keep your other hand on the ground. Lift one leg in the air. Slowly bring it down and lower your planted leg onto the knee while tapping the toes of each foot together. Do this move for 30 reps per side.

Follow along with the video at Tracy Anderson’s Top 5 Belly Fat-Blasting Exercises