The Bob became the go-to haircut this summer when soaring temperatures drove us to the salon for a low-maintenance style that would see us though hot and sweaty days. Cooler days of fall are right around the corner, and the trendiest among us are weighing a change of style to the latest hairspirations: Bob, Lob or the somewhere-in-between Mob?

Mob-sters take their cues from Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, and Khloe Kardashian. Make certain that your Mob blunt cut doesn’t turn up at the shoulders by keeping layers disheveled and hidden, and don’t turn this cut into a look that is too fussy. For a curly Mob, form an S shape on your strands with your wand to create a 3D curl. Avoid shaping a round bouncy curl and don’t overstyle.


Close behind the Mob in popularity is the Lob. This haircut is a favorite of Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. What’s the difference between Lob and Bob? Simply that the Lob is longer than a Bob, hence the name Long Bob or Lob.

Lobs are a tour de force cut with a high chic factor. The Lob gives you the perfect balance between short and long, and flatters all types of hair. It’s a new twist on the blunt cut that Anna Wintour has made famous.

The shape of your face and how you style your hair are considerations when you’re making a decision between Lob and Bob. Super short styles don’t work well with round faces. Square jaws are flattered by side parts whether you choose Bob or Lob. Even hair color comes into play. For example, take a look at the impact that Beyoncé’s dip into the ombré hair color trend makes.

Styling is an important factor in the way January Jones wears hers: waves swept to the side. Take your Lob to new style heights by adding a volumiser before you blow dry with a large round brush. The effort will give your volume at the roots. Create disheveled waves with your styling wand for a big night out on the town, and then look forward to sexy second-day hair.

Keep your above-the-shoulder Bob chic and on-trend with a spritz or two of texturizing spray. That’s the help you need during the dog days of summer to fight the frizzy blahs as you are making that all important decision whether to go to new lengths for the fall.