Getting ready to head into its 23rd season, word is circulating that Dancing With The Stars producers are wishing for Olympic Gold Medalist, Simone Biles to spread her super human moves onto the dance floor. According to Entertainment Tonight (ET), producers have fixated their attention on the 19-year old Olympian for the upcoming fall season.

This isn’t the first time DWTS has favored gymnasts. Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson and Aly Riasman have all done well on the show. But, with Biles’ captivating physical abilities; its obvious producers are eager to have her bring her skills to the dance floor and woo audiences.

Although producers want her, there’s no telling if she’d be able to compete. She has obligations to participate in the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics, which runs throughout the United States from mid-September through mid-November. That and the fact that she admits that she’s not the best dancer are reasons we may not get to see this come to life. Biles said in a statement reported by Yahoo, “I would [like to participate], but I can’t dance.”
Even if Biles turns them down, DWTS still has other names in the mix including:

  • Michael Phelps. DWTS producers have been trying to get Phelps to compete for a while. This year may be the year since he’s retired.
  • McKayla Maroney. The retired elite gymnast is another name ABC producers may be looking at to join DWTS.
  • Dominique Moceanu. For years, it seems Moceanu’s name has been tossed around in the mix. According to her, she almost made it on the show 8 years ago and then again recently. She might just get it this time!

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