Vintage items can provide diversity and versatility to your wardrobe. However, if you want to keep your vintage items in pristine condition, make sure you are taking proper care of them.

You Need To Wash Your Clothes Properly

When it comes to vintage clothing, you need to be extra careful when washing it. With vintage clothing made of cotton or polyester, there are easy to take care of. You can wash them as you would your regular clothes. However, other materials might require more attention.

If there are machine washing instructions on the garment, follow them. If not, you can wash the piece by hand to make sure you aren’t damaging it in the washing machine.

Even when you are washing your clothes by hand, you want to make sure you are gentle. Also, check whether your clothes are shrinking, and wash them with similar colors.

Store Your Clothes Properly

For the clothes to last for as long as possible, they need to be stored correctly. Before putting your clothes away, make sure they are clean and dust-free.

Also, take into consideration what you are using to store your garments. Plastic doesn’t allow the fabric to breathe, which is why you should avoid it. Instead, use bags made of the fiber. You can also use paper that is acid-free to line your shelves and drawers.

Hangers are also really important. You don’t want to use wire hangers as they can damage your clothing and distort its shape. Padded hangers are a superb choice if you have any items with padded shoulders. They will help the clothes maintain to maintain their shape over time.

You also want to make sure you are keeping the pests away. Place a few bags of lavender to take care of moths.

Maintain Your Clothes

Clothes can change over time. Maintaining your clothes regularly will increase their longevity. If you notice a hole or a seam that is coming loose. You should take care of it straight away. That way, you will prevent further damage from happening. However, if you aren’t skilled, you can always take your garment to the professional that will take care of it for you.