Crafting is a wonderful way to not only learn a new skill but to create something you can use or even give as a gift. It can also be great for settling anxiety and be a rather meditative process. Whether you’re looking to find a new way to pass the time or make something for your home, Amazon is full of tons of craft kits to get you started.

  1. Candle Making Kit: Nature’s Blossom’s candle making kit has all you need to create three soy candles at home. It comes with three different fragrances including Lemon Blossom, Lavender Epiphany, and Soothing Chamomile to take your candles to the next level. This kit was designed with beginners in mind.
  2. Bath Bomb Kit: This kit creates 12 cupcake bath bombs – just enough for you to treat yourself and to gift some. It comes with 100% pure essential oils like lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, and more. One of the main ingredients is also naturally occurring magnesium like those found in Epson salts, allowing your bath to feel like a real spa treatment.
  3. Embroidery Starter Kit: Available in a variety of designs, this embroidery kit makes it easy for you to start your sewing journey. It comes with an embroidery hoop, thread, needles, and fabric with the pattern stamped on it.
  4. Watercolor Set: If you’ve ever been interested in watercolor painting, this kit is the perfect place to start. It includes 3 aqua brush pens, a paint set, and a watercolor paper pad.
  5. Herb Garden Growing Kit: Get started gardening with this handy introductory kit. It comes with four reusable pots and nutrient-rich soil discs making your job super easy. It features four different herbs: basil, cilantro, chives, and parsley.
  6. Tie-Dye Kit: Revamp old clothes using this tie-dye kit. It comes with a reusable plastic bin and enough tie-dye supplies for about 36 projects.
  7. Calligraphy Starter Kit: Learn the art of calligraphy with this all-in-one kit. It has a very detailed instruction guide, along with a beginner-friendly nib, pen, ink, and calligraphy paper. Unlike other kits, this one comes with ink to dip in to so you are learning the artform properly.
  8. Perfume Making Kit: This is a very simple scent kit that will help you build the foundation of your perfume making skills. Play with four special scents to create your own. It comes with scented like vanilla bean, lavender flower, and cool coconut.
  9. Soap Making Kit: This kit will have you making high quality, all-natural soap in no time. Not only will your soap have lavender and hibiscus scents but be decorated with lovely buds and crushed petals.
  10. Lip Balm Kit: Create lip balm and lip gloss with beeswax, shea butter, and coconut butter. This kit has everything from essential oils to shimmer for you to create your ideal lip protection.