Dress shopping can be as exhilarating as it can be tedious. Some people get excited at the thought of rummaging through endless racks of clothing options before trying them on. Some people are happy to pass the activity up. Regardless of where you fall, the question remains of what to wear when clothes shopping. We have a few tips for you.

Be comfortable

Outfit shopping involves a lot of walking, so before you head to that mall, you may want to wear what you’re most comfortable in. Flats are the perfect shoe choice for shopping, making it easier for you to move from aisle to aisle while carrying clothes. Your next priority is ensuring your undergarments fit the task. Depending on your choice of clothes, your underwear should be as invisible as possible. Seamless, nude undergarments are usually a go-to for most people.

Dress for change

Opt for leggings, shorts, or take a cue from Kim K and wear some sweats. They’re straightforward to change out of and allow you to quickly try things on without worrying about wrinkling or tearing anything by accident. A loose dress can also be a reliable option if it’s something stretchy and comfortable to slip in and out of.

When going shopping, accessories should be minimal so that they don’t get caught on something. If you must, a wristwatch, a simple necklace, and a simple pair of earrings are the maximum you should wear. However, you’ll be better off leaving all the accessories at home.

Make your life easier and leave the tiny handbag at home. If you can go without any bags, that’s your ideal. But an over-the-shoulder is your best bet. You want to leave your hands free for browsing the racks and carrying any finds with you to the dressing room.

Although it might be tempting to dress super cute when meeting your girlfriends to go shopping, prioritizing comfort will be in your best interest. Focus on clothes that are easy to slip off and put back on again, without all the extra fuss.