Layering jewelry is one of the biggest trends in the fashion world. The right jewelry can completely transform an outfit and make you look way more stylish and trendy. But layering jewelry can also be tricky. You have to know just the way how to do it without adding too much or too little, so this is how you can layer jewelry like an influencer:

Let necklaces fall where they go

Don’t worry so much about making sure your accessories fall in the perfect order; a secret to layering jewelry is just letting your necklaces fall as they may. It makes your jewelry look effortless and stylish.

Wear dainty and heavy pieces

A key to successfully layering jewelry is wearing both delicate and heavy necklaces together. Wear a chunky gold necklace with a thin gold chain, and your jewelry will make a statement.

Go for a cascade effect

Although you should let your necklaces fall as they may, it’s also best to go for a cascade effect with your necklaces and pick pieces that hit at different lengths. Layering a bunch of necklaces in that way will spice up any outfit.

Try mixing metals

Although we stick to the same metals when wearing jewelry, it’s cute to mix metals- if it’s done right. Pair a gold chain with a silver necklace for a more unique, stylish look.

Stack your earrings

If you have multiple ear piercings, stacking earrings is super trendy and a fun way to change up your look. Go for different styles, like a dangly earring in one hole and a colorful stud in the other.

Go for an asymmetrical look

It might be intimidating at first, but asymmetrical earrings are totally in and cute. Asymmetrical earrings can be two different lengths, colors, or designs- regardless, it’s definitely a bold look.

Stack your rings

With rings anything goes. Stack different metals, shapes, and sizes or even try stacking multiple rings on one finger. Whatever you choose, stacking rings is a great way to layer jewelry.