The Scoop: Instagram-worthy looks are one small adjustment away.

Fashion week is all about seeing the latest trends on the runways. But in recent years, it’s also become the place to be recognized for creatively putting together the old and the new. If you’ve ever attended fashion week, you know the type of people I’m talking about. They look like elaborate designer creations in their own right, with everything perfectly pressed and sparkling. They could go from the street straight to a magazine editorial, and sometimes that’s exactly what happens.

Magazines have regular features on street style stars. Phil Oh is the modern-day Bill Cunningham, making his work for Vogue a must-see column every season. It’s no surprise today’s influencers, and fashionistas want to capture a photographer’s eye. If you’re new to it all, the easier way to start is by focusing on one part of an outfit. Here are a few tricks you can employ this fashion week, or throughout the year!

Switch out your denim

One of the simplest ways to elevate your outfit is by switching out one regular piece for a statement. Instead of your regular pair of jeans, choose a fun trouser with a new silhouette or print.

Focus on the footwear

Street style shoes garner a column of their own in many magazines these days. So making your footwear a standout portion of your outfit will get eyes on you quickly!

Pump up texture

Layer a few textured pieces to make them look more exciting. If you’re attending fashion week, textured elements bring an exciting angle to photography.