In the winter, our outfits tend to consist of dark colors, bulky jackets, and oversized sweaters. The fun, happy part of fashion often falls by the wayside in the colder months because our style is usually a reflection of our mood, and well, is anyone happier in the winter than they are in the summer?

Although our moods may dull out in the winter, our fashion style doesn’t have to. You might find that wearing bright colors and bold patterns actually puts you in a better mood, so consider swapping out your black sweaters and depressing colors for one of these more colorful, happier, bolder fashion options.

A style different from your own
If you typically dress in streetwear clothing, try something girly out for size. If you’ve always thought blazers were super cute but were too afraid to try the trend out, go out on a limb. Wear something daring and different, and you might end up liking it more than you thought you would.

A bold print
For some reason, we avoid prints in the winter like it’s the plague (unless it’s plaid or gingham?). But what about tie-dye, floral, and all the other bright and bold patterns we welcome with open arms in the winter? There’s no reason to put them away when the weather gets cold, instead incorporate bold prints into your winter wardrobe.

Animal print
Animal print has been back in style for quite some time now, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. There are endless ways to incorporate animal print into your style with dresses, shoes, and bags- just to name a few. Leopard print, cheetah, and zebra are some of the more popular options, but bringing in a touch of animal print into your wardrobe style is a fun way to change things up.

Bright colors
Better yet, pair two bright colors together. Wear a pink turtleneck sweater with a neon green beanie, and you’ve got an outfit that is sure to turn heads. Nothing is happier than wearing bright colors, so why not put two bright colors together in the same outfit? You might find yourself feeling extra happy that day.

Knee-high boots
Knee-high boots are a staple in the winter as they’re stylish but also useful in keeping your feet and legs warm in the cold winter days. Go beyond basic black knee-high boots and venture into something a little more daring, like snakeskin or patent white for a fun twist on a staple shoe.

Statement jewelry
One of the easiest ways to incorporate a statement piece into an outfit is with jewelry. Jewelry can make a boring outfit exciting most easily, without having to put in too much thought into the outfit. Long, dangling earrings are a subtle touch, and a statement necklace will be sure to bring attention to any outfit.