The matching set’s comeback is drowning 2015 in a sea of ’70s chic — not that we’re complaining. But for those of us who aren’t as vertically blessed as Taylor Swift (the matching set’s modern poster girl), it’s easy to worry that if we try to flaunt it, we’ll end up leaving the house looking like a cartoon character. After all, fashionable petite women are plighted with an onslaught of rules and neuroses every time we walk into the clothing store. The models we see in catalogs and on the runway are miles taller than we are, leading us to wonder if those of us closer to the ground are even speaking the same style language. Will they have anything in my size? Will I look like I’m drowning in that tunic? Do I have to wear heels all night just to be at eye level with everyone else?

Friends, worry no more. It’s all about making your outfit work with what you’ve got. Everybody can rock the matching set if they so choose, which is why style bloggers Kelly McFarland and Courtney Seamon of Mimosas and Manhattan weighed in on how to look like a million bucks in one. Kelly and Courtney are cousins who blog about their stylish adventures in New York City together, as short girls themselves, they know a thing or two about dressing for your (minimal) height. Try a few of these tips to show that matching set who’s boss!

1. Pay attention to proportions. “Pants and a matching long-sleeve shirt? Rule it out. Immediately.” We’ve long been told that great style is all about proportion, but this is especially true for petite ladies. Try not to cover your whole body with material, because “this much fabric for smaller proportions will overwhelm the body and will draw too much attention to your barely-there stems.”

2. Crop tops are your friend. Balancing out those proportions means baring some skin. “Showing a little skin between your matching sets is the perfect way to elongate the body and create the illusion of a longer torso.” At last, a chance to feel the breeze on your midriff! During the Lost Years between the crop top’s explosion in the ’90s and its latest resurgence, our abs have forgotten what fresh air feels like, save for trips to the beach. Dressing for your petite frame is the prime excuse to feel the sun on your skin again — not that you needed one.

3. Break out the heels. “Opt for some sky high heels when struttin’ your trendy self.” When you fear looking like you’re swimming in a pattern or heavy fabric, the easiest way to compensate is to rock your favorite pumps. “Adding a little more height to your look is the easiest way to play down the amount of matching fabric while you play-up your height.” In a bind, a nude heel is always a surefire way to elongate your legs and match the rest of your outfit.

4. Wear a jacket. For those days when you simply have to wear flats but can’t resist the matching set, “opt for a jacket and shorts combo and break it up with a solid top which will highlight your trendy style without making you look frumpy.” There’s nothing better than looking chic while still having the freedom to roam without teetering on heels!

5. Remember the most important accessory of all. “While it may be the cliché, wear the trend with confidence – it adds about 10 inches to your look!” Walk into the room like you own the place, and great style will follow.

For more style tips from Courtney and Kelly, find them at Mimosas and Manhattan. Now get out there and rock your great look!