Bathing suits are cute on their own, but you know what makes them even more stylish? Accessories. Accessorizing your bathing suit is an easy way to bring your look up a notch, while still focusing on the actual suit. Maybe you want to capture a few flicks of your fit at the beach, or perhaps you just want to look extra trendy that day, but these are some cute ways you can style your swimsuits this summer:

Camisole and ’90s sunglasses
Combine two of the biggest trends this summer into one fit and wear a camisole and ’90s style sunglasses with your swimwear. It’s the perfect outfit- the camisole adds a little more coverage, but you can still get tan.

A tie-dye hoodie and sunglasses
For a day you’re going to be at the beach from morning to night, you need to pack when the weather cools down at night. Pair a brightly colored tie-dye hoodie with some retro sunnies for a trendy look that will keep you warm and comfy.

An open button-up shirt
You’ve probably seen this trend before on Instagram, but wearing an open button-up shirt with a bikini is super popular this summer. It’s an easy way to layer up but still keep it light on a hot summer day.

Gym shorts and sneakers
Sneakers to the beach might not be ideal, but they’re super cute for an Instagram picture. If you’re looking to just snap some flicks in your cute outfit, try wearing a pair of gym shorts with sneakers for a trendy swimsuit look.

Gold hoops and a chain necklace
Adding simple accessories to a bathing suit is the easiest way to make the outfit look more trendy. And a perfect way to do that is with a classic pair of gold hoops and matching gold chain necklace.

Bucket hat and tiny sunglasses
Not only does a bucket hat protect you from the sun, but it’s also super trendy. Bucket hats and tiny sunglasses are two significant trends this summer and are actually useful to wear to the beach.

High-waisted sweatpants
Sweatpants and a tiny bikini top is just such a vibe. The sweatpants make the outfit more comfortable, especially on a more chilly day.

Matching sarong
A sarong is the perfect bathing suit cover-up, especially when it matches. You can even accessorize the look with a classic pair of hoops to bring it up a notch.