Winter is upon us, and you could either roll with it or hide under your blankets and pretend it doesn’t exist. One of the most utilized pieces of clothing this season will be winter coats and jackets. A lot of people have boring winter coats that are only functional and don’t dare venture into the world of pizzazz. Practical is great, but statement pieces are better. Here’s why your next winter coat should be a statement piece.

Center of attention

Just as the winds change and snow starts to fall, it seems like everyone’s moody gray coat comes out. It’s easy to get lost in a room filled with many people wearing the same color. However, having a statement winter coat will keep you in the center of attention. People will want to know more about you, and it’s much easier to approach someone if your outerwear is a conversation piece.

It highlights your taste

When was the last time you looked at a plain coat and said: “I’d like to look like this.” Your winter coat should be your statement because it’ll reflect on you, the wearer, as a tasteful person, and even fashion influencer to some.

Gives a boost of confidence

It’s not rocket science. Once you wear a great fashion piece, whether it’s a coat, jacket, handbag, or even belt, it’s only a matter of time before you’re complimented on it. These compliments heighten your confidence and make you less self-conscious while giving you a sense of self-importance as well.

Keeps you warm

Let’s face it. A great coat will keep you warm. The warmth experienced in statement coats may even supersede that of regular coats. Hence why not stay warmer and look fabulous in a high-quality statement winter coat.

This winter your coat will be your best friend. To prevent exposing yourself to cold or risk having health complications, you should always be warm and what better way to stay warm than to look great while at it. In summary, your winter coat should be your statement piece, and it should reflect your taste in fashion.