It’s a widespread belief that doing cardio will eat up your muscles. Wrong, it won’t. Choosing your cardio exercises according to your body type can help increase the body recovery time and also help in building new muscles. Here are three exercises that can help you gain muscle mass as you do your cardio!

Rowing for Glutes & Quads

Make your lower and upper body stronger with the help of the rowing machine. This machine improves your power and efficiency as you use ankles, knees, and hips together to extend quads and glutes.

Using a rowing machine is easy. However, you might find yourself adjusting your butt and feet during max-effort intervals. Your seat might get uncomfortable while using a rowing machine, so it’s advised you use a yoga mat as padding. This will help in reducing friction and provide you a smooth experience.

Incline Treadmill Sprinting

Most bodybuilders and heavy weight lifters are not preparing for sprinting or high-intensity cardio. However, by doing incline treadmill sprinting, you can achieve a dynamic athletic movement. To effectively integrate the routine, you must master the hop on and hop off method, which helps you shift from high level sprinting and lower intensity jogging.

Biking for Quads & Calves

Biking is one of the most effective cardio-based exercises. It helps tone your calves and build up healthy muscle mass. In comparison to the rowing exercise and inclined treadmill, setting up the bike is easier. The first thing that you need to consider for this biking exercise is the height of your bike.

Align your bike’s seat by standing next to it; raise it to hip-level. Remember to concentrate more on the exercise instead of the exercising tools you are using. The best thing about it? You don’t need to confine yourself to a stationary bike indoors!