Growing up, our fashion sense typically stemmed from what we saw our closest family members wear. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that even as we grew up and developed our own sense of style, we still stay within some boundaries we never created ourselves! These boundaries were passed down through fashion history, and subconsciously got implanted in us. We’re reviewing some style cliches that are holding you back and tips on breaking them this year.

Trench coats are meant for winter
There is the common misconception that you only layer up when it is winter, but trench coats are super stylish, and you’ve been missing out on creating amazing looks with your favorite trench coat. While the weather may not be trench coat friendly, the best part is that you can dress a trench coat up or down by pairing up with a short dress or a camisole and pants.

Plus-size females cannot rock crop tops
Get a trashcan and put this cliché right in there because that’s where it belongs! You have been missing out on an excellent way to show skin while still looking delectable simply because we’ve been led to believe plus-size ladies shouldn’t show skin.

Floral clothes are for older people
Many times, we find ourselves raiding our mom’s wardrobe whenever a themed party comes up, and guess what? We mostly aim for floral dresses! The thing is, floral clothes are gorgeous and shouldn’t be reserved for when you have a throwback photoshoot to do or an 80s party.

Wear demure colors when you are going for an interview
The importance of putting your best foot forward when you are job hunting can never be overemphasized! Dress for the type of position you are applying for and if you need to merge colors to create a fantastic look, do not be too shy to do just that!

Never wear oversized clothing
We are in 2020, and if anything, the past decade has shown us that nothing is impossible.

Developing a unique sense of style is not a skill that can be acquired in one day. It takes doing away with cliches like the above and harnessing the power of emulating excellent dressing to become top-notch. Use these tips to redefine your sense of style!