As humans, we’re always changing. There’s a reason why the start of the new year initiates change for so many people. Whether that change is within yourself or your relationships with others, that change is inevitable. And with this new year, you might have a goal to change up your sex life. Since we are continually growing and evolving, we are also continually learning more about ourselves, which often means learning more about our sex lives. Knowing exactly what and who you like can take time, but if spicing up your sex life is in your 2020 goals, here are some ideas about how you can go about it:

Start simple
Although you might be tempted to jump into something entirely new for you, you might find out that starting simple works best. Try out that sex position you used to love or spend a little bit more time with foreplay, and you may find you enjoy the basics after all.

Bring back romance
Sex and romance often go hand in hand, and so if you’re looking for a way to excite things with you and your partner, you might want to try adding romance back into the bedroom. Adding candles and rose petals may sound corny, but you and your partner will probably enjoy it more than you think.

Be open
Part of discovering your sexual desires is being open with your partner(s) about what you want. Openly discussing your desires might be intimidating at first, but if you never get across what you like, your partner will never know. Being comfortable enough to discuss your sexual desires with your partner openly is crucial.

Change the location
Although the bedroom is the obvious place to have sex, changing up the site can really spice things up. The number of places you can have sex is endless- public bathrooms and the beach are just a few ideas.

Start with yourself
How are you going to know what you like and don’t like if you don’t start with yourself? Masturbation and porn can help you discover more about your sexual desires than actually having sex can. And then once you know, you can bring those discoveries into the actual bedroom.

Discover your fantasies
We all have fantasies we only dream about actually going through with, but in 2020 that’s changing. As long as you discuss with your partner beforehand, acting out your fantasies can be extremely rewarding and exciting.

Wear lingerie
Yes, it’s just going to come off anyway- but seeing your partners face when you step out in red lacy underwear is more than enough to make you invest in lingerie. It doesn’t have to be a regular thing, but lingerie once in a while can definitely be fun.

Broaden your horizons
Maybe you’ve been thinking about trying something in bed for a while but have never actually given it a go. In 2020, we’re broadening our sexual horizons! As long as it’s something you and your partner are comfortable with, experimenting with sex is a great way to change things up. There are endless ways to experiment, so find something that suits both your needs.

Sex toys
Sex toys are great for both actual sex and masturbation. There’s a whole world of sex toys out there, suitable for many different purposes. Whether you’re looking for a vibrator or a dildo, there’s going to be a sex toy out there that works for you.

Change up the everyday
If you and your partner usually have sex in the morning, try it out at night. Change up the usual time, location, position- everything! Always changing things up may lead you to discoveries you would have had no idea about otherwise.