Summer is a wonderful little bubble of a season that often flies under the radar in the fashion world. It’s that random three-month period between the spring and fall collections where you can let go a bit and relax your rigid sense of style—totally un-judged by the powers that be.At least that’s how I see it…Vacations, BBQs and summer parties abound, encouraging us to wear less and do more. This tends to confuse people when it comes to getting dressed as we’re suddenly expected to throw caution to the wind, show a little extra skin and wear a bunch of bright colors and prints we would never consider buying any other time of year. (Did I just hallucinate or is that a huge hibiscus print caftan hanging in your closet?)It’s also an odd time to shop because many of the spring goods are on sale and, ready or not, the pre-fall goodies are rolling into the stores. Who decided it was OK to stock cashmere sweaters in the middle of July anyway?You have a choice, you can protest and hide your glowing white legs behind a pair of tired jeans, or you can smooth on some self-tanner, grab a gorgeous bohemian inspired dress and embrace my list of must-have trends that may just take Your Style on a chic vacation of its own. Bon Voyage!

From left: Tibi’s Silk CDC Camisole; J.Crew’s Swoon Skirt; Urban Outfitters’ Truly Madly Deeply Deco Wings Cropped Tee
Summer 2011 Fashion Trends

Color Makes a Comeback
For me, one of the most exciting things about the summer season has always been color. Whether you’re tan or not, color always feels right in the warmer months and has lots of energy.Last year, however, our favorite designers threw us for a loop and we were inundated with neutrals, blushes, grays and other sad tones.  I remember shopping for clients and being totally depressed by the choices. And while I still love a neutral, especially when paired with a summery white jean, color has made a comeback and I’m embracing it full force—you should too!You can take your pick from any of the hot summery hues, but my go-to colors for the season are bright citrus tones, fruit punch pinks, burnt oranges, berry purples and tomato reds. Feel free to throw in a little cobalt blue for good measure. These bold colors can be worn as an accent in the accessory of your choice, color blocked into a modern trendy outfit, or paired with a slim white jean or wide leg trouser for a casual chic day look. The best part? Color will continue to reign through fall and beyond, so any investments you make now will stand tall for a couple of seasons to come.Style Suggestions: Tibi’s Silk CDC Camisole, $158.00, at and  J.Crew’s Swoon Skirt, $79.50, at JCrew.comThat 70s Show
Yes, I know, many of you actually lived through the 70s and may not be too thrilled about going back there style wise—but hear me out. I’m obsessed with the nod to the 70s that is all but taking over fashion this summer and there’s a way to do it that does not involve your old Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and pair of pliers—though that would be a sight to see this time around, just saying…Style Suggestion: Urban Outfitters’ Truly Madly Deeply Deco Wings Cropped Tee, $32.00, at

From left: Blu Mon’s Free Love Maxi Dress; Sanctuary’s Wide-Leg Pants; Ann Taylor’s Halter Top
Summer 2011 Fashion Trends

Bohemian: The Boho trend always rears its head during the summer months perhaps because these easy, breezy looks are so great in the heat. You don’t have to dress costumey like an extra from “Hair” to buy into this trend. Incorporate some earthy print tops into your look and pair them with a wide leg jean. Try a long white skirt with a denim shirt or simple tank. Add some cool leather sandals and a hobo bag to complete the look. A maxi dress is another perfect choice and a fun way to play on this trend. You get tons of coverage, a cool look and an airy, feminine style that almost any shape or size can rock.Style Suggestion:  Blu Mon’s Free Love Maxi Dress, $187.00, at Wide Leg Jeans and Trousers: Yes they’re back again. This trend is simply a riff on the boot cut jeans many women have come to love and you can find a style that suits almost any body type. Choose high- or low-waisted styles based on your figure and decide how much flare is right for you. Curvier girls can wear more flare because it helps to balance your hips and bottom. As a rule, the bigger the curves, the lower the waist should be. Petites, however, should do far less and opt for a softer bell whenever possible to keep from looking even shorter. High-waisted styles work well for petites because they lengthen your leg line, but mid-rise works just as well. Boyish and taller builds can play with this trend the most and experiment with different waistlines and the size of their bells. Pair these pants or jeans with flats and sandals for day and a chunky wedge or heel at night and try tucking in a draped top or blouse for that full on 70s feeling.Style Suggestion: Sanctuary’s Wide-Leg Pants, $98.00, at LordAndTaylor.comMinimal Halters: Few dresses typify 70s style like the minimal halter. This is not the deep, plunging halter that ties around the neck; this style covers the chest and highlights the shoulders and arms. The look feels fresh and new, especially in a midi or maxi length. Minimal halters remind of San Tropez or a trip back in time to the days of Studio 54. You may find styles with a necklace detail or even a small keyhole at the bust. This dress was made for spring and summer and begs for a tan shoulder, fabulous sunglasses and a chic platform sandal. You can take the look from day to night with ease and it’s even wonderful over a swimsuit.  If you’re worried about showing off your arms, a lightweight wrap will provide great coverage and play into the 70s trend even more. Try one with fringe or tassels if you dare!Style Suggestion:  Ann Taylor’s Halter Top, $68.00, at