We have all heard the phrase “no white after labor day” and I’m here to tell you: that is absolutely false.

The “rule” of not being able to wear white after labor day just simply shouldn’t be a thing anymore. Labor day is a holiday- not a defining moment of when you can or can’t wear white anymore.

Fashion is constantly evolving. One day, skinny jeans are all the rave and the next you can’t step outside without seeing someone in bell-bottom pants. And because of the ever-changing nature of fashion, why has the rule of “no white after labor day” stuck around for so long?

White is typically a summer color. White jeans look great with a tan, and the same goes for white tops and white dresses. And because of that, we’ve grown to think that white can only be wore in the summer. But how false is that?!

White can, and should, be worn all year long. If it’s the middle of winter and you can’t step outside without a floor-length puffer jacket on, you should be able to wear white jeans underneath it. White is a timeless color, it goes with everything and brightens up any look. And in that case- white should most definitely be worn when it’s cold and gloomy out. It’s like a breath of fresh air on a cold winter night.

So, next time you’re hesitant about whether or not you should put your white jeans away for the winter- don’t be! Pull them right out of that bin under your bed and put them at the top of your jean drawer. Because who can tell us what we can and can not wear, besides ourselves?