Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall is no doubt difficult. You just spent 3 months stocking up on shorts, dresses, and tank tops and now all of a sudden you have to swap them out for jeans, boots, and sweaters? Heartbreaking.

Except, there is a way you can easily transition to fall styles without completely forfeiting your summer staples. Here are some tips on how you can stay warm all fall season while still incorporating some summer touches:

1Layers, layers, layers

In the fall, layers are your best friend. Keep your summer jeans and cute tank tops, but layer them with a cute sweater or jean jacket.

2Long dresses

Long dresses can be worn in the summer and all the way into fall. Long dresses keep your legs covered and just throw on a jacket so you’ll stay warm. Plus you can always take the jacket off if summer weather starts to peek through!


Boots are a staple in any fall wardrobe, but boots can look super cute with a summery outfit. Try wearing doc marten boots with a pair of shorts, t shirt, and an oversized denim jacket for a look that’s a perfect mix of summer and fall.

4Keep wearing whites

Whoever says that white can’t be worn in the fall is simply a liar. White jeans can be worn all year long, and the same goes for white shirts and white jackets and white shoes. Simply pair a white piece with dark colors and you’ll look cute and perfect for fall weather.

5Add tights

Don’t pack away your summer skirts quite yet! Adding tights to dresses and skirts is the perfect way to transition into fall weather without completely giving up your favorite skirts and dresses.