Where Can I Buy A Real Corset?

When YouBeauty introduced you to Sarah Chrisman and her love of Victorian corsets, we were inundated with questions about where you could find one to try. Known as tight lacing corsets, these pieces aren’t the frilly, elasticized slips you see in most lingerie stores today. Tight lacing corsets are functional garments that accentuate the waist and support straight posture (typically with steel bones) while holding up to the everyday rigors of life.

Many corset manufacturers recommend going 4 to 6 inches below your natural waist size, though Chrisman advises that it’s best to go no more than 2 inches smaller to start with, for the safest and most comfortable experience. Remember: You don’t have to feel pinched in order to experience the foundational support and hourglass look that a corset can bring.

And if you’re wondering, Chrisman custom orders her own pieces from C & S Constructions, a bespoke corset maker for experienced tight lacers, located in the United Kingdom. Whether you’d like to try a traditional corset, simply cinch your waist, or stand with the elegant posture of a ballerina, check out our supportive picks.

1Classic Corset

Timeless Trends Red Black Lace Overbust Corset, $149

“For people just starting, who want a sturdy, supportive off-the-rack corset at a reasonable price, I recommend Timeless Trends,” says Chrisman. Perfect for the true hourglass lover, this red satin corset boasts top tier support and an exaggerated design that visually slims the waist while emphasizing curvaceous hips.

2Basic Black

Corset Connection Saloon Overbust Corset in Black Satin, $99 

For reliable support that drips in glamour for a relatively reasonable price, Corset Connection’s Saloon Overbust offers the drama of simplicity in black satin. The sweetheart neckline shows off and supports the bust from underneath while the bodice adds some front and back coverage over the hips.

3Bust Booster

Waisted Couture Suede Overbust Corset, $325

If you’re blessed with an ample bosom that’s a C-cup or higher and want to prop the girls up Marie Antoinette-style, this faux suede overbust does exactly that. A flat front panel coaxes breasts up and shoulders back with the support of a traditional bodice that scallops over the hips.

4Show Stopper

Playgirl Full Steel Boned Overbust Corset Shaper in Hot Red Floral Jacquard, $55 

A ravishing red corset to flaunt privately or publicly, this jacquard floral is designed to pull in the waist and flatten the tummy while straightening posture. Depending on how you position it, the neckline can either discreetly cover the bust or push it up into cleavage-baring view.

5Underbust Cincher

Orchard Corset Steel Boned Underbust Satin Corset (CS-305), $69 

Intrigued yet not so sure about this whole corset thing? Orchard Corset’s high strength satin design is made especially for the novice wearer to offer visible yet gentle shaping. An interior cotton lining feels comfortable while also protecting the fine outer satin finish. Slip the underbust over a close-fitted top for a sensually supportive look that you can wear in public.

6Slim Down

Hourglass Angel Almighty Cincher by AMIA, $54 

If all you want is waist reduction, Hourglass Angel’s bestselling cincher goes to work under your clothes. The manufacturer recommends wearing it eight to 10 hours a day for 30 days to reduce 1 to 4 inches in the waist. They attribute the reduction to the science of compression and the stimulation of “thermal activity” (ahem, sweat) to move fat and toxins out of the body. We say it’s probably just the light compression reminding you to eat less, but hey, either way, if it works, it works.

7Shoulders Back

Shoulders Back, starts at $50

Want to stand up straight without the fuss of corsetry? There’s a solution for you, too. Originally created for equestrians to support the pin-straight posture required for competitive horseback riding, Shoulders Back is a slump-blasting harness that will help you rise tall in virtually anything you do—whether it’s hours spent typing at the computer or standing on your feet all day.