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What Do I Do About Chest Wrinkles?

We normally think of crow’s feet and forehead lines when we think of age-revealing wrinkles, and seldom consider lines developing on our chests. Until the...
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America, We Had Over 3.5 Million Rounds of Botox Last Year

Have you had any work done? If you haven't yet had cosmetic surgery, you will soon, according to TIME's new cover story. In a piece called "Nip....

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles in 20 Minutes (or Less!)

You wear sunscreen religiously. You moisturize like it's your job. And still, you see wrinkles appearing on your face — around your eyes, above your lips, everywhere!  Although...

We Tried It: Exuviance Age Reverse Toning Neck Cream

Banish neck creases and slack skin with this daily anti-aging treatment.

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Above Your Lips

Get to the bottom of what causes those creases above your lips-and how to get rid of them for good.

What’s Causing Your Wrinkles? (Infographic)

We reveal the causes of your fine lines and how you can get smoother, more youthful skin.

Fatty Acids: The Nutrient You Need for Plumper Skin

A healthy barrier helps lock water into your skin, keeping it hydrated, supple and youthful. A diet rich in fatty acids, such as omega-3, are essential...

Helen Mirren: “I Don’t Really Like The Word ‘Beauty'”

When the Dame talks, you listen.

Sleeping Beauty: 6 Beauty Treatments To Do While You Sleep

There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep. During those nocturnal hours when you’re (hopefully) catching your much-needed zzz’s, cell processes work at the...