Hand and Feet Tips

Try these easy ways to keep your nails, hands and feet healthy and looking their best.

Hand and Feet Tips

When it comes to your hands and feet, you typically don’t have to make extreme changes to your appearance. If you use some simple strategies, you can see some great results.

Focus on Your Feet
Given that your toenails are susceptible to fungus, keep them dry with absorbent socks. Try wearing open-toe shoes when possible. Only walk around barefoot if you’re sure the floor is clean. Fungus hides in shower floor cracks. For common showers, bring your own flip flops and sanitize them regularly.

Keep ‘Em Short & Dry
Keep your toenails dry, short and clean by trimming straight across. This prevents bacteria from building under the nail. You can use a file to smooth the sharp edges. After a shower, dry your hands and feet as to not attract fungi formation in the moist spots. Don’t pick or cut the cuticle, it will let germs in.

If your toenails are too thick to cut, you can soak them in warm salt water for five to ten minutes (use one teaspoon of salt for each pint of water). Use industrial-strength nail clippers, because weak ones can split your nails.

Try Home Remedies
Using vinegar and tree oil on a nail can clear some infections. These compounds can’t penetrate deep beneath the nail though, so they tend to not work on fungal infections.

Here’s one home remedy for nail fungus. Soak the area for five minutes twice a day in a solution of five grams of Chinese golden larch bark and two ounces of vinegar. This will take months of treatment until the new nail forms. If the nail fungus is associated with athlete’s foot, you can try another method: Soak the area in a solution of a whole garlic clove and eight ounces of vinegar, for five minutes, twice daily. We’re not sure why this last method works, but you can try rubbing the area with Vicks VapoRub. You can’t tell by looking, if your nail problem is caused by bacteria or fungus, so give these home remedies a try!

Choose Your Nail Salon Wisely
When getting a mani or pedi, let the nail technician know not to trim your cuticles, which can let germs in for infection. Make sure the salon is using properly sterilized tools. Ideally, you would bring your own instruments and sterilize them by boiling for ten minutes.

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