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What is a 'Real Woman?' (Body-Bashing at Any Size is Not OK)

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    Exercise Right Reasons A

    The Best Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

    Stop exercising for the wrong reasons and hitting the gym will start to become enjoyable.
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  • body & fitness
    40s Fashion A

    40s Fashion: The Most Figure-Flattering Fall Trend

    Travel back in time to the decade that inspired some top designers' fall 2013 collections.
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Stop Stress Eating A

Step Away From the Cookie and End Stress-Eating For Good

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Articles + Expert Advice

  • body & fitness
    Dress To Impress

    The World's Best Excuse to Go Shopping

    We promise, you won't regret it—even after the credit card bill arrives.
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  • body & fitness
    Hand Mirror A

    It’s Hand Mirror Day!

    Vagina Month was so good the first time, we’re going down there again.
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  • body & fitness
    Fat Talk

    Fat Talk: Ditch This Bad Habit

    Ever utter the words, "I look so fat?" Here, an inside look into why we talk smack about our bodies.
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