A Facebook Game That Saves Lives—And Could Change Yours

Happiness Expert Matthew Della Porta, Ph.D. reviews A Better World.

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You can also see the hopes of others and light a candle of support for them. Lighting a candle is another way to act kind; the other player will be glad to see that you read and supported her hope. It's also beneficial to read and share in the hopes of others, especially if you struggle in this area and tend to be a bit pessimistic and prone to feelings of despair.

Lighting a candle or joining in on another player's prayer in the Sanctuary of Prayer gives the game a very pleasant social experience and gives you ample opportunities to receive support from others and give it back in return. There's also an arcade area with three addictive mini-games. I especially liked Three Cycle, a fun little puzzle game that made me want to keep playing until I had finished recycling and getting rid of all my rubbish.

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Overall, I came away feeling more positive, grateful and connected to others after playing A Better World. I believe that the greatest joy we can experience is through selflessly helping others and this game provides a fun and easy way to experience this joy. If you haven't played A Better World, I highly recommend giving this Facebook game a try. You'll be glad you did and so will needy children thousands of miles away.

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