How to Get Your Omega-3s (Not All From Fish!)

Everyone can benefit from omega-3s in their diet, but choosing a source is confusing. We made it easy (or something like that).

How to Get Your Omega-3s

Here at YouBeauty, we’re sort of like a broken record when it comes to taking omega-3 supplements (every day!).

That’s because they are so awesome for beauty! Omega-3s quell inflammation in our body in so many ways we can’t count, which means less disease and glowing skin. These unsaturated fatty acids also lower triglycerides for less plaque build up and build cell membranes in the brain for better cognitive functioning and mood. They help keep dry skin moisturized, and keeps skin and hair young and healthy.

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With all that these little superpowers can do, you owe it to yourself to rotate some into your diet.

There are three forms of omega-3s to get familiar with: DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid).

DHA and EPA are found in fatty fish and help protect your brain, eyes and heart. ALA is more commonly found in plant sources, and the body eventually converts this to smaller amounts of EPA.

Our body needs omega-3s, but doesn’t naturally make them. Shoot for about 2,000 milligrams in a day. So, where and how can you get them?

If you’re vegan or a vegetarian, you can bypass the fish oil supplements and still get omega-3s in your diet. Fish actually get DHA and EPA through microalgae, so 600 milligrams of vegetarian DHA from algae is an excellent supplement to take.

Chia are edible seeds from a desert plant in the mint family. (Yes, chia sprouts grew on your chia pet!) Unlike flaxseed, they don’t have to be ground up to get the nutrients. Both can be sprinkled on cereals, yogurts or whatever you think needs a slight nutty crunch to it. Flaxseed has about 6,000 mg of ALA omega-3 fatty acids in one ounce, and chia seeds, nearly 5,000 mg an ounce. Keep in mind this isn’t always efficiently converted to the omega-3s our body uses, so if you want even more and aren’t opposed to ingesting fish, you may want to add those in, too.

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