Human body odour, symmetry and attractiveness

The Researchers: A. Rikowski and K. Grammer, from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Urban Ethology

Published In: Proceedings of the Royal Society – Biological Sciences, Vol. 266, pp.869-874, 1999


Fertile women can smell attractive men.


Can you judge a man by his sweaty t-shirt? This study proves you can.

Researchers asked a group of women to smell a series of men’s sweaty t-shirts, and then rate them for intensity, pleasantness and sexiness (be careful what you sign up for?). 

Yes, most of the women preferred less intense B.O. But women in the most fertile phase of their cycle accurately chose the scent of more attractive, symmetrical men—men more likely to pass on good genes to their kids.

Sweat, it seems, is one of the ways we determine if he’s ‘the one.’ Gym, here we come!

Beauty connection

Your sweat releases pheromones that act like a mating call for the opposite sex. For men, they advertise the quality of their genes, a ‘pick me!’ appeal to women’s noses. For women, pheromones are the ‘come hither’ chemical, telling men they’re fertile. So if you want to boost your sex life, skip the deodorant and let those pheromones work their magic.

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