DIY Body Scrubs So Natural You Could Eat Them

DIY Body Scrubs So Natural You Could Eat Them

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As we’ve previously covered, body scrubs are essential for preventing old-body-young-face phenomenon.

Our friends at the adorable small batch vegan apothecary known as Meow Meow Tweet (so named for the founding couple’s pet cats and bird) in Brooklyn shared some of their best recipes and tips for whipping up your own natural creations from simple kitchen ingredients.

They recommend using sea salt (for a vigorous scrub) or organic demerara cane sugar (gentler for sensitive skin) as the base. All of the recipes call for virgin coconut oil, as it’s naturally anti-fungal and soaks into skin quickly for optimal hydration. You can also substitute olive, walnut, avocado or sunflower oils, though these options may feel thicker on skin.

Oil should be in liquid form when mixing. The easiest way to melt solid coconut oil is in the saucepan at low heat. Keep stirring until it’s just melted, and then take it off the heat to allow it to cool at room temperature. If using a microwave, nuke for 10 seconds at a time until liquefied.  Heat can change the healing properties of oils, so the less heat used is always better.