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  • Healthy Shiny Hair A

    Your Grocery List for Shiny Hair

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  • Health Benefits Eggs

    5 New Reasons to Eat Eggs

    Forget what you know about eggs and cholesterol. Eggs have great health benefits and can help you snack less.
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  • Fatty Foods Healthy

    Fatty Foods That Promote Weight Loss

    Foods with good fat that can actually help you lose weight.
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  • Chocolate Beauty Food

    Beauty Benefits of Dark Chocolate

    What are the beauty benefits of dark chocolate? Young skin, less stress and a healthy heart. Here’s how to shop for the best dark chocolate.
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  • Chocolate Lose Weight

    Eat Chocolate, Slim Down

    A new study shows that people who eat chocolate five times a week have a lower BMI than those who don't!
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  • Sexy Foods

    Frisky Food

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen reveal foods that can improve your sex life.
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  • Lemon Zit Repair

    Skin Recipe: Sonya Dakar’s Zit Zapper Treatment

    Try these easy recipes for DIY, natural beauty at-home spa treatments, for acne and skin remedies.
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  • Chocolate Bark Recipe

    Dark Chocolate + Chia Seed Bark Recipe (for Glowing Skin!)

    This dark chocolate bark is full of healthy, skin-boosting flavanols and chia seeds.
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  • Ramps Pesto A

    Ramps and Spinach Pesto Recipe

    Load up on vitamins and antioxidants with this unique pesto recipe that incorporates in-season ramps, plus spinach, parsley and basil.
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  • Nuts A

    The Snack That Could Save Your Life

    You'll find them at the bar, at the ball game or on your counter. Find out why these tasty snacks are so great for your health.
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  • Home Made Face Mask H Article

    Homemade Beauty Recipes

    Try these easy homemade beauty recipes for DIY, natural, at-home spa treatments.
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