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  • Celebs Eat Clean A

    7 Celebrities Who Will Inspire You to Eat Clean

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  • Kahina Ch

    Dream Job: The TSA Took My Moisturizer—and Changed My Life

    After having her skincare confiscated before a flight to Morocco, L'Heureaux discovered the Moroccan beauty wonder: argan oil. Here's how she turned her TSA mishap into a successful, fulfilling business.
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  • Whole Foods Specialist Fridge

    Take a Peek Inside a Whole Foods Specialist's Fridge

    Ever wonder what a Whole Foods health guru eats at home? Take a peek inside this healthy eating specialist's fridge.
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  • Organic Cleaning Diy 640

    Make Your Own Natural Household Cleaning Products: 8 Recipes

    Clean your home without toxic chemicals with these all-natural cleaning product recipes.
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  • 9things Small

    9 Habits You Think Are Healthy, But Aren’t

    Are you guilty of these nine habits that seem healthy but are not?
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  • One Love Organics A

    Dream Job: She Ditched Her Lawyer Gig to Mix Organic Beauty in Her Kitchen

    The start of One Love Organics is simple, really. Founder Suzanne L’Roux had two boys under the age of two, and she no longer had time for a fussy beauty routine.
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  • Natural Makeup Ch

    Natural Makeup: 5 Pros Share Their Top Picks

    Top green makeup artists share their favorite natural makeup products.
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  • Organic Beauty Ch

    13 Organic Beauty Brands You Can Trust

    Check out these quality organic beauty brands and their top products.
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  • Snack Judgements Ch

    What Do Your Snacks Say About You?

    Food psychologist Brian Wansink guesses YouBeauty editors' personalities and food habits by taking a look at our snack stashes.
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  • Organic Certification 648

    Is It Organic? How To Read the Labels

    Confused about organic certification? Here are the organic seals you’re most likely to see on store shelves, and exactly what that mean.
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  • Dirty Dozen 2014 Ch

    Top 14 Foods You Should Buy Organic

    As good as fruits and vegetables are for you, they have many toxins and pesticides that you may not have known about.
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