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  • Orgasm Sex Positions

    5 Best Sex Positions to Practically Guarantee an Orgasm

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  • Talk About Sex

    Why You Should Talk About Sex More Often

    In order to have the quality of sex you want and to be comfortable with what turns you on, make this private issue a public discussion.
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  • Orgasm Style Ch

    What’s Your Orgasm Style?

    It's likely a combination of your physical anatomy, your psychological preferences and your chemistry with your partner. Make your favorite more pleasurable and discover new ones.
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  • Sexy Foods

    Frisky Food

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen reveal foods that can improve your sex life.
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  • Ask Scientist Period A

    Ask a Scientist: Is Period Syncing for Real?

    People say that when you work or live with a lot of women you get on the same menstrual cycle. We get into the science of syncing.
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  • Technology Relationships H Article

    Digital Rules for Relationships

    Help managing relationships and technology. What are the rules when it comes to cellphones and text messaging in a relationship?
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  • 152

    Video: HPV and Cervical Cancer

    Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is a virus that can cause anything from genital warts to, in high risk cases, cervical cancer. In high risk cases, HPV invades normal cells, transforming healthy cervical cells to cancerous ones that replicate uncontrollably.
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  • Casual Sex Ch

    Why Casual Sex Can Be Good For You

    When casual sex can be good for you.
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  • 648 Look Of Love

    The Look of Love

    How does love make you look more beautiful? It's in flushed cheeks, twinkling eyes, glowing skin, and other beautiful effects.
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  • 648 Plate Spinner

    Are You Dating a Plate Spinner?

    Has your guy got commitment phobia? He may be a plate spinner. In intimate relationships, a plate spinner is a guy (or woman) who never actually commits to being in a relationship with you, but once he senses you’re ready to move on, he swoops back into y
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  • Science Of Sex 648

    The Science of Sex

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen explain the science of sex, from intimacy and arousal to the evolution of sex.
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