Crisis pregnancy centers, termed “fake clinics” by Planned Parenthood, will trick, deceive, and don’t mind lying if that’s what it takes for a woman to decide against an abortion. Jezebel reports that NARAL Pro-Choice California has conducted an investigation based on undercover in-person visits to California clinics. After 49 visits, they conclude that the CPCs’ motto is “You Should Have A Baby No Matter What.” Damn, that is some bad advice.

In most cases, CPC workers are not medical practitioners. The investigators’ anecdotal accounts include lies designed explicitly to scare vulnerable patients, such as “In 91 percent of the centers visited, this script included telling our investigator that having an abortion was linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, infertility, miscarriage, and/or the made-up ‘post-abortion depression’ that results in suicide.”

Most shocking was one undercover NARAL employee who was told her IUD was “her baby.” Come again?

“Every CPC strongly insisted our investigator have an ultrasound. In one case when she agreed to an ultrasound, the CPC worker pointed to her IUD and told her it was ‘her baby.'”

The investigation also found that at 63% of centers visited, the investigator was given misinformation about birth control and Plan B, the morning after pill. NARAL says: “For organizations that claim to offer pregnancy counseling, they know surprisingly little about pregnancy, abortion, and birth control. The use of birth control is intentionally confused with abortion at CPCs.” Emphasis added, because abortion should never be confused with birth control. Planned Parenthood has more information on how to avoid CPCs.

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