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Everything You Need To Know About IUDs

It seems like lately, everyone’s talking about IUDs. There are the Colorado lawmakers wearing IUD earrings and lapels in support of a bill calling for...
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Brilliant Idea: Condoms That Detect STIs & Then Glow

Condoms – love ‘em or hate ‘em, we’re all aware that they’re an essential aspect in staying staying baby- and infection-free. But it’s almost...
how does an IUD work

How Does an IUD Work?

Some of us ladies think we might want to become mothers someday in the distant future. Others have put our baby-making days behind us. For any woman...
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What Are The Risks of Birth Control Pills?

If you’re a sexually active women, it’s unlikely birth control has ever been off your mind, exactly. But a recent spate of news has...

Government Reminds Insurance Companies, “Hey, You Have to Cover Birth Control!”

One part of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, we welcomed with open arms was the requirement that insurance company cover preventative healthcare, including birth control...

An Ode to the Female Condom

They're a beloved form of contraception, but so difficult to find in stores.

Meet the Woman Who Livetweeted Her IUD Insertion

"Anytime you're seeking sexual healthcare, there's this idea that it should be a secret."

Crisis Pregnancy Center Worker Said One Woman’s IUD Was “Her Baby”

A new report takes an honest look at CPCs, aka fake clinics.

The Case for Over-the-Counter Birth Control

Making the Pill available over-the-counter could have a huge impact on those "whoopsies!" pregnancies.