Maybe it was Ron and Hermione’s sexual tension or Harry and Ginny’s eventual romance that got everyone all worked up. But either way, a new Harry Potter-themed sex ed class has been brought to Boston University.

The Boston Globe reports reports that two Boston University graduate interns have concocted an event named “Sex Ed at Hogwarts” as a part of a monthlong sexual health and education program deemed “Frisky February.” This 28 day0program also hosted a “Lube Taste Testing” and “Condom Fairy Packing Party,” in which the condom fairy flys through the campus providing free sexual health supplies to students. Clearly this is a imaginative bunch, so the Harry Potter-themed class should come as no surprise.

Michelle Goode and Jamie Klufts, the two interns who are coordinating the most creative portion of Frisky February (“Sex Ed at Hogwarts,” of course) will use topics and scenarios from the magical school for witchcraft and wizardry to converse with students about alcoholism, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases, according to the blog Bustle.

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After realizing that the exceptionally popular books didn’t address sexuality, and kept the characters’ sexual tension at exactly that, only tension, students felt this series would be an ideal entrypoint to discuss sex. Said Goodem “We’re using the references as an opening and avenue to get the conversations started.”

Obviously, Harry Potter isn’t the most realistic way to learn about STDs, although herpes would probably be magically fixed by a quick trip to the infirmary between Potions class and Quidditch practice. Either way, BU has the right idea to hook students into signing up for a sometimes-awkward class. Upwards of 104 students have signed up to attend the event on their Facebook page, which is quoted saying that “half-bloods, house-elves, and muggles alike will learn the proper way to get consent to enter one’s chamber of secrets and how to snog without getting Hogwarts.” They know how to get the student body’s attention to say the least!

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