Surfer Bethany Hamilton has been an inspiring figure ever since age 13. Just one month after the shark bite that took her left arm, she was back in the water. Now she’s 25, married to a Christian youth minister and 6 months pregnant with the couple’s first child. Obviously, she has a blog, too.

Bethany and her husband Adam Dirks were the first one to make the “baby on board” joke. They announced the pregnancy in February in a sweet and smiley YouTube video below. “She’s pregnant….YES!” Adam says. Hamilton was 22 weeks pregnant at the time.

“I’ve been surfing throughout my whole pregnancy… I plan to surf as long as I can,” Bethany says. She wasn’t kidding! Check out the mom-to-be riding pipeline (Is that right? It’s been awhile since I last watched “Blue Crush.”)

Hamilton talked to FitBump360 about her pregnancy workout, went from surfing “one to five hours a day in two sessions” before the pregnancy to “taking more time to rest.” She says she’s even “done some of [her] best surfing prego!”.

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