You may have heard that Dairy Queen has turned today into a new national holiday called Free Cone Day. Visitors at participating locations will be treated to a free soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone in honor of the chain’s 75th anniversary.

We here at YouBeauty know we’re supposed to be cutting back on sugar. We know that your brain essentially treats sugar as a drug. But here’s the thing. What if that ice cream cone is free?

We checked in Dairy Queen’s nutrition facts to see just how evil one teeny tiny vanilla ice cream cone could be. Turns out, it’s not that bad:  According to Dairy Queen’s own nutrition facts as listed on their website, the small vanilla soft-serve cone is 230 calories. Let this be your snack for the day! It also has six grams of protein, which is what we’d like to focus on. We’ll let you discover the rest of the nutritional information on your own below.

Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen 

Hey, everyone deserves one small free cone on the first week of spring. Enjoy!

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