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  • Tanning Addiction

    Ask a Scientist: Can You Really Get Addicted to Tanning?

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  • Little Stressors A

    Why the Little Things Stress You Out So Much

    It may not seem like a big deal when your iPhone's not working or you can't find the light switch, but it can really mess with your brain.
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  • Why You Cant Say No To Sweets A

    Why You Can’t Say No to Sweets But Other People Can

    Some people's brains are wired to resist temptation, while others' make them cuckoo for cupcakes. Which one are you?
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  • Spacing Out 640

    5 Great Reasons to Zone Out

    Research shows that mind wandering can improve performance, boost mood and beat boredom. Discover the surprising perks of not paying attention.
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  • Bored

    Bored to (Beauty) Death?

    Looking bored to death puts a serious damper on your health and beauty. Decrease boredom by stimulating your brain; it can help improve your relationships and increase happiness.
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  • Lying Killing

    Is Lying Killing You?

    A lie can boost conflict, stress and other problems. Stay honest for a healthier, longer life!
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  • Ocd A

    Why You’re Not 'So OCD'

    People often joke about having OCD. But do you really have it? Here's what's normal—and what could be a psychological condition.
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  • Kimye A

    Use Brain Science to Get What You Want in Life

    You really can manifest your dreams by exploiting the way your neural networks grow and strengthen.
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  • Exercise Brain Function

    This New Study Will Motivate You to Work Out

    If you find it hard to get to the gym, the results of this research will get you moving.
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