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  • Ask Scientist Eye Lashes A

    Ask a Scientist: Do Eyelashes Go Gray?

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  • Ask Scientist Eyeliner A

    Ask a Scientist: Can I Get Wrinkles From Putting on Eyeliner?

    The area around your eye is sensitive, but is it true that pulling it to apply makeup will damage it? We investigate.
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  • Makeup Combinations Ch

    7 'How Did She Do That?' Makeup Tricks

    Wine and cheese, the Internet and cat videos, chocolate and… well, okay, pretty much anything. Some things are just meant to go together, including these genius makeup layering combos from top face-painting pros.
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  • Highlighter A

    The Makeup Trick You're Doing Wrong Every Day

    Ditch your old highlighter technique for this new and improved one that'll give you the radiant results you want.
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  • Article

    Spring Trend: Green Eyeshadow for Every Eye Color

    From forest to chartreuse, a swipe of spring's hottest shadow color will make your peepers pop. Find out which shades look best with your eye color.
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  • Short Hair Makeup A

    Chop Your Hair, Change Your Makeup

    Chopping off your hair is a refreshing way to completely change your look. Here's how your makeup tricks should change along with it.
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  • Cat Eye 1 A

    How to Create the Perfect Cat Eye

    Recreate Olivia Wilde's gorgeous cat-eye look with this step-by-step makeup tutorial.
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  • Clinique Eye Cream A

    Beauty File: Clinique's New Eye Cream Changes Everything

    This sunscreen is formulated specially for the under-eye area to protect against sun damage and aging.
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  • Ask Scientist Mascara Below Eye A

    Ask a Scientist: Why Does My Mascara End Up Under My Eyes?

    Find out how to prevent this annoying makeup mishap.
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  • Simple Holiday Beauty Tips Ch

    6 Simple Beauty Tweaks For Holiday Sparkle

    Add something simple to your beauty routine to look glamorous this holiday season.
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  • Lashes A

    New Lash Extensions—We Tried It!

    In the search for long, thick lashes, we try new lash extensions, LashDip at the Jose Eber salon.
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