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  • Simple Holiday Beauty Tips Ch

    6 Simple Beauty Tweaks For Holiday Sparkle

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  • H Article

    Holiday Cookie Recipe Makeovers

    Swap a few of the ingredients in your holiday cookie recipe to make your cookies a little bit healthier.
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  • Holiday Updo Ch

    Holiday Hair Tutorial From the Hippest 'Hood in Brooklyn

    Try these hairstyling tips for gorgeous, hollywood glam waves or a pretty bun updo.
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  • Alternativet Guidech

    Alternative Gift Guide: Make it Meaningful

    Thoughtful, non-traditional holiday gifts to give your friends and family.
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  • Diy Beautyts Ch

    DIY Holiday Beauty Gifts

    Think outside the box this holiday season and make your own beauty product gifts.
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  • Holiday Dresses Ch

    The Hottest Holiday Cocktail Dresses

    From classic black cocktails dresses with some flair to white cocktail dresses, you'll be party-ready in any of these flattering dresses.
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  • Holiday Nail Art Ch

    Holiday Nail Art How-To

    Try this simple nail art tutorial for an easy DIY holiday manicure.
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  • Instant Stress Busters A

    3 Instant Stress Busters

    Try these three methods for reducing stress instantly.
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  • Stress Holidays A

    5 Things Not to Stress About Over the Holidays

    Spending too much money. Eating too much. How to RSVP no for once. Holiday stressors nipped in the bud.
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  • Single Holidays A

    How to Navigate Being Single Over the Holidays

    It’s hard to be jolly when the world seems to be coupled up and you’re flying solo. Here's how to get through the season without feeling lonely.
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  • Holiday Cocktails Ch

    5 Festive Low-Calorie Winter Cocktails

    Try these low-calorie cocktials and mixed drinks to enjoy the holiday season and still stick to your diet.
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