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  • Hormones Skin

    All the Ways Hormones Are Screwing With Your Skin (And What You Can Do About It)

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  • Melanoma Toes

    You'll Never Believe What Could Be Lurking Under Your Toenail Polish

    Get out the nail polish remover, stat. Checking underneath your toenails regularly could save your life.
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  • Tanning Addiction

    Ask a Scientist: Can You Really Get Addicted to Tanning?

    Some studies show tanning addiction has properties similar to nicotine and heroin addiction.
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  • Newsy Baby Sunscreen A

    7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Wear Sunscreen (Even When They're Screaming and Running Away)

    A new study links sunburns in childhood to melanoma. Here are the simple steps you can take as parents to save your kids' lives.
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  • Moringa Ch

    Enhance Your Beauty Inside and Out With Moringa (Our New Obsession)

    Used around the world for everything from fighting stomach issues to healing skin and strengthening hair, this extract is full of beauty and health benefits.
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  • Wrinkle Newsy

    The 20 Most Wrinkled Cities in America

    A new study shows how your commute is wreaking havoc on your skin. Is your hometown the worst?
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  • Clarisonic Pollution

    Here’s the Best Way to Get Nasty Pollution off Your Face

    Your Clarisonic deep cleans pollution off your face 30 times more effectively than manual cleansing.
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  • Melanoma 640

    You'll Never Guess What This Dermatologist Found in Her Belly Button

    Vivian Bucay, M.D., found flaky skin in her belly button that ended up being stage 4 melanoma. Here she gives her tips so you can stay cancer-free.
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  • Aksa Old Couch A

    Ask a Scientist: What Causes Old-People Smell?

    Think your grandparents smell bad? It's because they do. And here's why.
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  • Uv Gel Manicure Safe

    Cancer Risk From Gel Manicure UV Lamps Is Low, But Unpredictable, Study Says

    New research confirms the skin cancer risk from gel manicures is very low, but a lack of regulation for UV nail lamps makes the issue a little tricky.
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  • Caudelie Polyphenol Serum

    Beauty File: Caudalie's New Antioxidant Super-Serum

    Defend against damage with 100 percent free radical coverage from grapeseed polyphenols and vitamin C.
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