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by amyfoster2307

about 2 years ago

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I've had this problem for years now. I find it incredibly hard to socialize and connect with people. I'm constantly self concious about what they think, i can't even just sit in certain positions in case i look weird. i find it hard to talk in groups and if i do manage i either get cut off by someone else, or i will say something then instantly think i sounded stupid and cringe at myself. i hate being like this its so frustrating and depressing. my boyfriend and i arent getting on and i'm thinking of ending it, we've been together for two years and i worry how i'm ever going to make new friends or get a new boyfriend in the future. me and my boyfriend have known eachother since we were eight which is how we got to this stage, otherwise i would never have had the confidence to start a relationship with anyone else. i hope someone can give me advice on how to get past this
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  • Art
    Art Markman, Ph.D. Psychology Advisor replied about 2 years ago:
    Social anxiety is a difficult problem. The first step is to overcoming it is to figure out why you are feeling this way. Have you had bad interactions with people in the past? Are there people in your life who make you feel like you don't get along well with others? Often, you may end up feeling worse about your interactions with new people than you should. You are worried about little things like the exact way that you phrased something to someone else or a particular joke you made that didn't get the reaction you wanted. We all make little social mistakes, but most other people don't notice them. So, it is important to relax and realize that other people are looking at you as a whole person. It can be difficult to overcome these feelings on your own, though, particularly if you are not completely sure where they are coming from. Consider looking for a counselor to help you through. Clinical Social Workers who take clients are often good at this, because they look at all of your social interactions to help you improve. It is a big step to ask someone for help, but one that can really benefit you in the long-run.
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    ecedeno replied almost 2 years ago:
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    ecedeno replied almost 2 years ago:
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    sassyliz replied almost 2 years ago:
    first of all i really think if people got to know you they would realize that you can be be a great person. i used to think too much about what other people thought but then you realize that it doesnt amtter and the right people will always end up being there for you. if you like yourself, it makes it easier for other people to like you too. :)
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